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 Hopefully the information you see and read will help you to learn about the types of quality window coverings and closet systems we offer, at affordable prices. 

 We also want to support consumers through the buying process - understanding the differences between residential and commercial products, and thier appropriate applications. 

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Faux or Real Wood blinds... what are the real differences?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If you are looking to put 2" horizontal blinds in your home or office, it helps to know the differences between wood and faux wood blinds.   

Most wooden blinds are made of a bass wood and are either stained or painted. 

  • lighter than faux wood blinds so they easier to lift and because they are lighter they won't wear out cording as quickly
  • typically the stained colors are truer and better matches to hardwoods and cabinetry - some suppliers can even color match!
  • real wood lend a special warmth to a space, and although more expensive, they are truly beautiful

Faux wood blinds are generally made out of PVC or a PVC and wood blend (pending on the manufacturer)

  • if you don't intend on lifting your blinds daily, and only tilting the slats open and closed - then faux is the way to go
  • there are some pretty good faux stained woods avaiable - Hunter Douglas and CBM have a great selection
  • the price point for faux is very good and if budget is an issue, it is very affordable

 The mechanics of each of these blinds are generally the same, cord tilt and standard lift controls.  Additionally, there are  routerless slats available (which offers excellent room darkening... great for shift workers or children's rooms)  and other features like cordless or even motorization are available.

Which ever you choose, you can't go wrong.  Horizontals are still a fabulous product in our suburban living environments because you can tilt out the neighbours when you need to feel private and tilt open to allow light to flood in the rest of the time. 


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What's so great about solar screens?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Solar screens are a great product for comunsumers to consider for both residential and commercial applications.

If you have a great view and are not concerned about privacy issues, then a solar shade may be the perfect product.  AND, there is a wide range of fabrics to compliment any decor!  Some fabrics are very industrial looking, suiting  comercial spaces and homes where there is an uber cool atmosphere.. minimalistic and sleek.  Then there is a beautiful collection of fabrics that have great texture and color... they can feel rustric or contemporary pending on the fabric.

If you walk into any great little coffee shop, you are going to find most will have solar shades to help manage the glare and solar gain so patrons can sit comfortably in the windows.  This is achieved by selecting a fabric with the right opacity level.   Opacity is the openness of the fabric.. a solar roller is a vinyl coated PVC yarn, and is woven in various paterns and tensions, so a 1% opacity is a tightly woven fabric (which offers little to no view in or out and will prevent light from transferring into the space) and 5 % is more loosely woven.   

The only things one needs to take into account when considering solar rollers for your space is : when I am sitting in my home at night with the lights on, I am ok if people can see me sitting on the couch!  Solar rollers on thier own, do not offer full privacy... BUT,  if your environment is private and you want to protect flooring, artwok or loved furniture peices from fading from exposure to the sun, while still enjoying visa views ...then consider solar rollers

Things to note when selecting solar rollers:

  • The darker the fabric, the better the view through - essentially, a darker colored fabric is going to trap the incoming  light rays at the blind.. wherein  a lighter fabric will project light into yoru space making if more difficult to see through
  • Many solar fabrics are anti-fungal and fire retrardant.. so they are great in medical facilities, restaurants and your home.
  • Consider a valance upgrade; on thier own, rollers are very industrial looking and viewing the mounting hardware all the time is not always very appealing - there are many options to cover the mechanics of your blind - valance fabric insert, and cassettes are the most common and finish the look off sleek and clean
  • The control mechanism is available usaually in steel or a plastic  chain (and hold down clips for the chain is available if you have safety concern
  • If you need privacy as well as wanting to enjoy a great view, then consider a dual roller - this is a product that has two rollers - a solar roller and then a room darkening or black out roller in front.  Its a great solution to achieve a great look !

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Closet sytems are just for closets......

Sunday, November 13, 2011

No way!

Closet systems may be used in any nubmer of spaces in your home or office. Just recently, we installed an awesome series of melamine shelving towers and upper shelving in a garage for a new home owner. He wanted all his "stuff" off the floor so he had plenty of room to park his big boy toys - his awesome motorbike and cool car.

If you need organized storage - anywhere - we can help. Closets are a given, but garages, playrooms, pantries, laundry rooms ... our excellent quality melamine can even be applied in bathroom cabinetry!

If you think closet organizers are just for closets - think again - and call us - we would love to share all the ways to organize any space!

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What are the best controls when considering child safety?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Selecting lift mechanisms for your window coverings when it comes to the safety of children, pets or yourself  is important; consider the following;

STANDARD : Cord Lock

This product feature is a simple lift system - as you lift the blind the cord becomes longer - you then must wind the excess cording up to prevent choking or tripping hazzard


This mechanism is designed to typically be afixed to a surface and the blind operation rolls through a chain or cord drive - it eliminates the tripping hazzard and lessens the choking hazzard considerably


Easy to operate by pulling a cord - as you pull, the blind rasies and retracts to the same length. (this is feature offered in many Hunter Douglas products)


Many products are now offered with cordless functionality - they typically have a grasp to manipilate the blind up or down and then you are not handling the blind itself.

Kindly note, the standard lift mechanisms are usually considered a base price, so the improved safety lift mechanisms cost a bit more - but worth it!

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To roller shade or not to roller shade.....!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roller shades are an awesome affordable product.

They are available in so many fabric ranges ..... so many, you can always find a great look for any space

Solar rollers - best used when privacy is NOT an issue. They  allow you to enjoy vista views - but when you are illuminated in your home at nite - passersby can see in as well as you could see out

Light filtering rollers - these are great when proximity to neighbours is an issue BUT you want privacy and light. so many tasteful and beautiful fabric to choose from - and finish your space

Room darkening rollers - ideal for sleep spaces, media rooms or corporate meeting spaces - additional measures for complete black out can be provided with side channels

And if your too lazy to get out of bed to raise your rollers - there is always motorization... now that's luxury looking great!

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Why cellular shades?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cellular shades offer many great features and benefits:

Available in a wide variety of fabric colors and textures to compliment any decor - this product offers full or part privacy options and user freindy controls that can be child and pet friendly

An excellent selection for sleep spaces - especially when room darkening is important - this product has the slightest deduction of 1/4" so light leakage along the sides is at a minimum

This product provides great protction from the sun's UV & UVB rays ; they can filter these rays to prevent your flooring and fine furnishings from fading.  They also assist in managing solar gain - which means your airconditioning systems will not be overtaxed!

The unique  honeycomb cell design helps insulate from the cold and this may be reflected in your heating bills - retaining heat from filtering out through windows is a great savings for any home

I love  how this product's up and down motion causes the blind to self shed when you operate them  - so low maintenance means you have time for other great things in life.

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I just bought new window coverings!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What do I do with the old window coverings?

I always recommend reycling!  Our landfills should only be a last resort if the blind is broken and unrepairable.  If not, consider the following:

Placing an add on used Victoria : repurposing blinds is perfect for new suites or vacation properties.  Provide the type of blind, dimensions, condition and hardware included

Offer the blinds to either a neighbour or even a habitat for humanity project. 

You probably won't get much for your blinds... you may even wind up giving them away for free!  BUT, you'll feel great knowing your recycled and did not have your blinds wind up in a landfill.

Please always recycle with the environment in mind!

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Preparing for the installation

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So you're getting new blinds/closets... now what?

If we are coming to install window coverings/ closets in your home, please consider the following: 

  • Empty closets and any existing storage systems no longer useful and repaint if necessary - its easier for you to do when the closet is all cleared anyhow!
  • Move furniture pieces 2-3 feet away from window spaces if possible
  • Advise us in advance if we need to be aware of a pet who should not be let out
  • Pets who do not like delivery persons or unfamiliar houseguests should be placed outside or in another safe space in the home
  • If you are just moving in, kindly ensure there is a cleared path for us to access all areas of the installation.  Larger blinds or long closet components are awkward enough without having to navigate thru stacks of boxes!

Now, just relax, and sit back.  We will take care of the rest.  If you want to wach, you can - but if you have other important things to take care of, then go ahead and do them!  We take pride in the work we do, we take all our refuse with us and leave your home as we found it.  Congrats on your new blinds / closets !  And, thanks for having us!


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Why use a dealer for your new window coverings? What's in it for you?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hiring a dealer (like Capital Blinds & Closets) to assist you in the purchase of new window coverings means we help you through the process from start to finish.

We assist you in the product selection  - there are lots of products out there - and identifying the right product for each living space is very important!  There are products specially designed for privacy, others to enjoy a fabulous view - or both!  We take the mystery out of this process by bringing the samples to your environment - so you don't  have to wander into a storefront with a paint chip and throw cushion from your livingroom!

We accurately measure your windows  - each product has different maufacturer deductions and the measurements for an inside mount (within the window casing) or an outside mount need to be correct in order for the blind to operate correctly or look appropriate in the space.

We carefully and properly install the finished product - the end result should look exactly as you envisioned. We take care of the entire process so you can do the things you really love!  Leave it to us to finish your homes look


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Product Selection - how we can help

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Picking the right product for the right space it very important - consider the following:

  • Proximity to neighbours:  Bedroom spaces are more likely to require greater privacy options than a laundry room.  If you are close to neighbours or busy streets maintaining the appropriate level of privacy for each space is possible - but you have to observe your options.  There are many products that provide full and semi-private functionality so be sure to review hand samples and even picture images to get a feel for how the privacy functionality fits in your space. 
  • What direction is your home facing:  Western sun is the hottest and most damaging to your flooring and fine furnishings! Solar control or room darkening products can manage the UV & UVB rays as well as the intense heat. But remember... solar products do not offer as much privacy.  Keep this in mind, if you can see thru it to enjoy your view during the day, when your space is illuminated at night,  your neighbors can see in just as well as the day time view.  Ask us how you can achieve solar protection, maintain a great view AND have total privacay when you want it!!!
  • Is your style contemporary or traditional:  Selecting a product that reflects your personality is so important.  Find a dealer who can bring several samples to your home so you can better visualize the finished look will provide you greater confidence with the end result.

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