Commercial Storage Solutions

Do you need to make better use of a storage space for your office?   Do you want to upgrade your product displays with custom shelving?  At Capital Blinds & Closets we can help!  We will visit your office space to provide you a free in-office cosnultation to determine your needs and timelines.  We will provide schematics/diagrams of your new potential storage space within 48-72 hours for your consideration..

Melamine storage options Corner solutions utilize space to the maximum. "Lockers" are ideal to organize employee belongings.
We offer both wire and melamine systems that are affordable, practical and can be installed just about anywhere -  for just about any need!  We install 3/4" Melamine  in a varienty of colors ; white, antique white, chocolate, maple and more.  Melamine is durable and  provides a very customized look.  Spaces can be dressed with doors for a tidier effect or left opent o house rolled towels, or products for display.
Accessories for melamine:
Wire is an affordable and practical means to organize a space and is available in either White or Nickel finishes.
  • Closets
  • Lockers
  • Storage closets
  • Shelving
  • Laundry spaces (spas, gyms, salons)
  • Baskets/drawers
  • Hanging tool systems -
  • Handle/utlity/ladder hooks,
  • and more!
Baskets are available to create additional storage spaces as well!

Call now for a free in-office consultation - We want to help your business get organized!


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